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licens-info: red seal

Hello and thanks for stopping in. To clarify a few things...redseal means that the individual is licensed to work in any province except Quebec. Redseal is not a licensed contractor, only a licensed contractor is, which in this province is an FSR or Field Safety Representative.
If you are hiring a red seal rather than a licensed contractor to do what is considered regulated work in this province by Technical Safety BC (which is pretty much most work), then your insurance will likely not cover anything they do, they are not able to pull permits (and any regulated work requires a permit), not only is the redseal able to get a fine for doing so...but so is the homeowner (true story)
If your hiring a redseal, you are likely hiring an out of work person, they likely do not have insurance, or workers compensation...if they get hurt on your job, your responsible.
In this province, in order to obtain a contracting license, you also have a criminal record check....if your a criminal, your not a contractor.
In short, you may be saving a few bucks up front hiring a redseal, but is it really worth the savings....or the risk
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