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Vaughn XF Pro SR Wheel Goalie Bag - Excellent condition (used for 1 year) - $60

Bauer NME 5 Goalie Mask - (2 years old) Very good condition except for one of the buckles on the chin has corroded so it can't be buckled up, although I never needed it anyways. It also has a Non-Certified Cat Eye Replacement Cage which offers amazing vision but it's expensive and difficult to buy as I had to get it from the US and Bauer doesn't ship to Canada. - $80 (The mask is 170 new and the cage new is 69.99 USD https://www.sportchek.ca/product/331028209.html# - https://www.goaliemonkey.com/equipment/masks/replacement-cages/bauer-goalie-mask-accessories-nme7-cat-eye.html)

Reebok 11k Chest Protector size l/g - (unsure of age) light damage, should not be used for ice hockey but perfect for ball hockey - $10

Hockey Pants - worn (unsure of age) and missing part of the buckle so it has to be tied up but still good for ball hockey - $5

XXL Goalie Jersey - used for 10 games - $5 (retails for 29.99 at Happys Source for Sports)

Crouch Goalie Neck Protector - excellent condition (used for 1 year) - $5 (retails for $39.99 at Happys Source for Sports)

CCM stick - beat up but still usable - $5

I'll update this as items sell so if it's still posted it hasn't been sold yet.
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